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Hi and welcome to SecretMenuStarbacks.com! This website was created by Starbucks Coffee lovers for Starbucks coffee lovers!  Each unique recipe was created by various baristas around the world.  Don’t plan on these menu items being seen or known at  your local Starbucks…but you can order them!  This website is optimized for your mobile device, so be sure to bookmark it on your phone or tablet and next time you are at your favorite Starbucks, pull up this site and show the barista your favorite recipe.  Then be sure to share with us how you liked it in the comments section of each recipe.

If you have a recipe of your own that you’d like to share then please do so by using the Contact Us page here!

Thank you again for visiting SecretMenuStarbucks.com and we hope you enjoy it!

and again…

SecretMenuStarbucks.com is in no way affiliated with, employed by or compensated by Starbucks Corporation, Starbucks.com, or any of Starbucks Corporation affilaites or partners. The Starbucks logo, Frappuccino and Refreshers are trademarks of the Starbucks Corporation. This website and its owner is just a fan of Starbucks and recommends their beverages. All content found on this site is for purely educational and entertainment purposes only.

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